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La Ciguapa

Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 17:58

This is some sort of "history" I believe. The same as all over the globe, Dominican country nights are long and dark.

Some are lucky and have electricity now, but many don't have it yet.

A perfect setting for "seeing" things, things like the Ciguapa.

Old people still tell tales about this ghoulish woman, old and nasty, that walks the nights deep in the forests called La Ciguapa.

She is really a scary sight. Those who claim to have actually seen her still open their eyes in fright when telling the tale.

She is apparently a normal woman until you see her feet and then notice that they are on backwards.

Looking towards the back...

She is very agil and seems to travel in an instant from place to place.

Nights are long and many devils and ghouls are there ready ro scare you.

A local Holloween tradition?


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